August 2018~City Living

August 2018~City Living

~This month has been so busy! I wish I could have enjoyed the summertime more but I'm excited about everything I have accomplished so far. 

     Commission Work

    I was grateful enough to receive a commission from a new company my friend knows and an old co-worker. A picture of the latter is shown below. I won't be able to share anything about the first commission until the company has opened, which should be late September.


Moving to the Big City!

     Near the end of the month I moved to downtown Toronto with my boyfriend and started a new job at an art supply store! We are finally settled in now and on schedule, but I worry that I won't have any time for art or relaxation/fun time. My new job is full time and about a 40 min commute. So I'm just going to have to plan projects in advance and utilize every bit of free time I have!


Other Fun Things:

     Also, at the end of the month I found out that I got accepted to the second issue of Cross Process! I'm really excited to see my thesis work published! I will add a link here to order the second Issue when it is available! Lastly, I signed up for the Kensington Pop-Up Market on Sunday September 9th. I though it would be a great way to meet more Toronto artisans!

Until next time! 😘

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