Meet Nadine

              Nadine Simec Artist and Designer of Poppysmicks Textile Arts

Canadian Artist

Hello! I started Poppysmicks in 2018 after earning my Bachelors for Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. I was so scared that art wouldn't be a major part of my life once I moved into the 'real world'. Although I struggled for many years to share my whimsical handmade textile work while working retail and office jobs in Toronto. I knew that being able to express my love for nature through art and connecting with others in this way was truly a gift and I held on.
During the pandemic I begin to understand that the power of craft and creating is in it's healing abilities and sense of belonging and I believe these needs are exactly what many people have been in search for. 
When I chose the name Poppysmicks, I mostly just thought it soundly really cute. I knew that it's meaning is 'the sound of kissing' but didn't realize how it connects to my works purpose until recently. Through my work portray an expression of love, not only for ourselves but for our wonderful planet as well.  


Working in a small batch manner, every piece is made with the environment in mind.
All creations are inspired by nature to nurture a healthier relationship with our Mother Earth.
Most materials are thrifted/recycled. For supplies that need to be purchased new, I try to find good quality products from local sources and made with organic materials. For example any work made with yarn will always be 100% cotton or wool, rather than acrylic.
Ensuring sustainability is a on-going process and I am always open to any guidance on how to develop a more eco-friendly practice.
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my whimsical world, Poppysmicks. 😘 


Nadine is honoured to have received support from the Ontario Arts Council to exhibit her Artwork at the 2019 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair with the Exhibition Assistance grant recommended by the Textile Museum of Canada.


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