Changes Happening at Poppysmicks - Work-Life Balance as an Artist

Changes Happening at Poppysmicks - Work-Life Balance as an Artist


You probably know that I started Poppysmicks in April 2018. I was graduating from University and wanted to continue creating art, even if I couldn't get a job in my profession.

I was also inspired by Artists who created their own path and shared their journey on YouTube, such as Furry Little Peach and Minnie Small.

It begin to feel like a pipe dream being able to work for an Arts organization after getting rejected so many times and not finding many opportunities in general. Maybe things would've been different if I stay in Waterloo instead of moving to Toronto after school...

But at least I had my Poppysmicks ❤️


Stouffville Art in the Park Poppysmicks 2018

 (My first market at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Art in the Park, 2018)


However, my business is not where I'd like it to be. Obviously, being financially stable from my artwork would be great but there is something more important missing. A strong purpose and sense of community. 

This past year has been transformative for many in re-evaluating their lives I've always been a big proponent of testing out ideas and re-evaluating things but I do feel that I've been distracted and it's time for a major shift.

Living in a capitalist society that is addicted to social media and glamourizes the hustle culture, I feel has created an inferiority complex and impacted my creativity. 

Due to the fast paced nature and the constant comparison trap that is lurking online, I constantly felt inadequate. It wasn't easy seeing small businesses that only started during 2020 already be more successful. 

I didn't have the confidence to be true to myself and what I want my business to be. So I've decided to take a step back and make some changes.

Despite all of these growing pains, I'm so incredibly happy that I've created this realm of creativity and inspiration and I'm excited to implement these changes to move Poppysmicks forward. 

Where I will be focusing my energy

I've learned the hard way that burnout is not right and rest is important. So to ensure a healthy work-life balance, I decided to dedicate myself to these 3 main areas that I feel connect more deeply with people:

  • Shop Updates: Every month on the last day (Sat/Sun-10am & Mon-Fri-7pm EST)
  • Emails: Every Wednesday, quick updates and fun ideas to spark creativity!
  • YouTube Videos: Every other Friday, sharing art projects and life as an artist
  • Events: Emphasis on in person events such as markets or workshops. 

*** You've may have noticed I didn't mention Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My accounts with these platforms will still be present but I will only be posting there for major updates.

There are many negative factors about these platforms that I will discuss more in a video and blog post soon. But overall, I personally do not find them healthy for my creative process or personal life. 

Poppysmick's Identity

Style: Vintage and Fantasy. Examples- Art NouveauCicely Mary Barker

Subject Matter: Plants, animals, landscapes

Medium: Textiles such as embroidery, sewing and crochet

Values: Handmade, Eco-activism, Story-telling, Guidance, Inspiration, Hopefulness, and a sense of magic!

Final Notes

Thank you for taking the time to read through the changes happening at Poppysmicks. It's been quite the journey and I'm so happy your along for the ride!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to share with me please leave a comment below or you can contact via email at

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