July 2018~Appreciating the Journey

July 2018~Appreciating the Journey

Black Sheep Textile Festival!:

     I had such a wonderful time at the Black Sheep Festival in Elora. It was nice to see familiar faces there such as my family and friends but I found the whole environment of the event to be very welcoming and fun. It was also great to meet people who appreciated embroidery art since this was a textile only event. Sometimes it feels like painters get all the attention! It was the first time the Elora Centre of the Arts held this kind of festival, and I would definitely love to participate in it again next year! 

Here are some of the artists that I really admire from the festival:

Canadian Embrioder's Guild Guelph

Sarah Mousseau -@aliassamm

Tammy Ratcliff

Mandy Forbes -@littleshout

Karen Ly -(works for S.A.I.L) @karenmakes

Eryn O'Neil -(works for S.A.I.L) @eofineart

Sarah Moreau -(exhibited in S.A.I.L) @sarahmoreauu 

S.A.I.L -Student Art Innovation Lab


Trying to be Productive:

     Although even though I had good intentions with last months plan to have good habits and routines to help take care of myself and be really productive... I didn't really follow through with it when I needed it the most. I find it easy to develop habits and stick to a routine when I'm working throughout the week.But when I have a festival or something that is really important than it's harder not to put self care on the back burner. So I will need to form a concrete plan and grow my discipline so that I am ready for the next festival which is the Queen West Art Crawl and a two day event. 


What's to Come:

     Finally I got a commission from a cafe and one later in the month from a girl I used to work with at the grocery store. I'm really happy that she thought of me and I would love to do more commission work in the future. I won't get into details about what my first commissions are like now because I think it would be better to share next month when they are complete. 

     Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog and as always here is the accompanying Vlog for this month! Until next time! 😘

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