Mandalas & Meditation

Mandalas & Meditation

I can feel the sun shinning on my face. There’s a only light rumble of traffic in the distant. I smell fresh flowers and my body slowly let go and sink into the grass. The company is lovely and I feel I must hold on to this precious moment.

If you are anything like me, you long to spend time creating, exploring the outdoors, and connecting with others. The world will always be overwhelming and there will always be responsibilities to tend to as an adult. But from time to time we all just need to feel like a kid again.

Recently my family and I attended a Mandalas and Meditation workshop. It was a wonderful way to relieve the stress built up from adulting and I hope that this blog post inspires you to find creative ways for you to feel the same way.


Yoga & Meditation

The workshop was located on Country Cut Flowers in New Market on Anishinabewaki & Huron-Wendat land. There are a wide variety of flowers on property that feels vast with only valleys and forests to see in the distance. The workshop was led by Tiz, a sweet soul that is very intentional in everything she does.

Participants are first asked to take off their shoes and socks to practice grounding; the act of physically connecting with the earth in order for us to restore harmony with the environment. introduces themselves and briefly explain how they came to be here. While my family took up most of the group to celebrate my mom’s birthday, other participants shared how they were not able to join previous dates and were excited to join this one.

Tiz then guided us through a meditation and light yoga routine. While moving through the poses we were guided to observe the space we occupied and to listen to what our bodies were asking for; leaning into what feels good.

“Now that I’ve done this task, how can I have fun with it? Could I add a little wiggle or make a silly face?”

The birds were singing, incense was floating through the breeze and we become very relaxed. We then began to imagine ourselves as a tree, from the roots that run deep into the ground all the way up to the tops of the leaves that blow in the wind. Tiz asked “How do you want grow” This exercise lead our minds to consider yourself not only as an individually with personal goals, but as a partner with the environment.

Creating Mandalas & Bouquets

With our intentions in mind, we walk through the fields of flowers. Ensuring that we gave thanks to each plant, we collected petals and leaves that called to us. In the rustic barn we began our Mandalas; experimenting with how each piece will be place and cooing at each others creations. We chatted away while drawing and painting. There was delicious snacks and relaxing music. Time stood still and we felt renewed. 

Afterwards we had created our own bouquets and ended the workshop back in our circle, sitting on the soft grass. Everyone brings their own special energy to the circle so when we gather together and share our energy, we can create something really wonderful. This moment in time felt so special. Everyone truly had the sense that “we were meant to be here today”.


No one is perfect. Even as I went through multiple drafts of this blog post, it was hard to get out of my own head. But I’m so thankful for this workshop for providing the feelings and memories of being able to release tension and anxiety from adulting and connect more with others and the environment.

If you have experienced similar emotions or have a favourite routine to feel like a kid again, please leave a comment below. I would love to read your story. 

Until next time 😘

P.S. Poppysmicks has a Mandala pattern and video tutorial available for embroidery artists. For more info visit the website here


Tiz and Janet were extremely generous with their time and genuinely present in the moment ensuring that everyone had a lovely experience. I highly recommend checking out their websites for their upcoming events!

Workshop Guide: Tiz

Instagram: @stretchingcanvas



Location: Country Cut Flowers by Janet

Address: 970 Millers Sideroad, Newmarket, ON Anishinabewaki & Huron-Wendat land

Instagram: @countrycutflowers


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