May 2018~Hit the Ground Running

May 2018~Hit the Ground Running

~This month was super busy! I've realized there is a lot of upfront work and time that goes into running a business so it's hard not to let a day go to waste!

Preparing for the art market:

     For this past month I was mostly focused on create artwork and preparing the set up needed for the Art in the Park Festival. I think I am ready but I'm also worried since this is my first solo art market experience! If you would like to come out to the festival and support me it will be on Saturday June 9th at 11am in Whitchurch-Stouffville. You can also stay updated with future festivals or markets by checking the events section on my website. And with that I have an....

**Announcement! I will participating in the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto!

     Here are some of the pieces that I created this past month. (They will be available in my shop if they are not purchased at the Art in the Park Festival). I found that the embroidery pieces were taking a bit longer, so I also made stickers, paintings and more!

Trying to balance work and personal life:

     I found that over the course of the month my motivation would waver because I was constantly working overtime. It's hard to balance the satisfaction of getting work done and the bliss of enjoying the moments of rest. It's always good to take time to relax with family and friends. I also found that a change of scenery was helpful. When I made some trips to different cities in Ontario was a great way to feel refreshed and have more memories and experiences to draw inspiration from. So I will have to make a conscious effort to stand back from my work, to-do lists and enjoy the summer weather with awesome people!

Starting a Youtube channel:

I was finding that people would always ask "what are you working on?" or "how's your art coming along?" but I would know exactly what to say. Also I don't know if anyone will actually will be reading blog posts since people prefer easy, visual transfer of information. So I created a Youtube channel to keep people updated in a more engaging way. Also making videos is just super fun! I will posting the studio vlogs monthly along with my blog posts and thinking about doing other videos in the future, such as tutorials, sketchbook tours etc.

     My top favourite artist Youtubers currently are:

     Please let me know what you think of my first vlog and if you have any suggestions for future videos! 

~Thanks for stopping by! 😘

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