November 2018~Holiday Season

November 2018~Holiday Season

~Apologies for the delay of this blog post! I just never felt ready to write about everything that has been going on and kept putting it off. But now I'm ready to share my thoughts and feelings with you!


Holiday cards:

It only felt right to make holiday cards in honour of my late grandpa. The Christmas season was one of his favourite times of the year. He would go all out decorating the house inside and out and of course the big tree in the living room filled with beautiful ornaments. All of the family would get together enjoying delicious homemade food, playing games and catching up with one another. These were the moments we all cherished. 

I worked very hard and spent most of my time showcasing the first holiday card the most as "Let it Snow" was one of his favourite songs. It's the first song out of his Christmas book I learned how to play on the piano. He was such a talented piano player and we loved hearing him play and enjoyed singing along. The connection to this song gave me a sense of closure as the ceremony ended at his grave site and it begin to snow lightly.  


Making plans:

Lately I've been feeling that I need to make some changes. I've come to know that I am somebody who really appreciates being apart of a community of group. So this month I signed up for a Craft Ontario membership. They seem to be a well organized, friendly and well established association. Now I just need to figure out how to become more involved and find the time. 

I did submit my artwork 'Where ever you go' to their upcoming exhibition called Housewarming, but sadly I was not accepted. Part of me feels numb by all the rejections now. Part of me wishes I would stop taking things personally. And another part of me feels like this is just more fuel for my creative fire. 

I would like to get back into creating more Fine Art. Since I've graduated and started my business I've mostly been focusing on creating commercial art and trying to figure out my style or voice. I know the answer is to just keep making as much work as possible and then step back and put the pieces together and repeat the process over. Because i don't think you ever stop changing anyways.

All this being said I would still like to sell some artwork that is more focused and promote myself and my work better. I've never really liked talking about myself to people. Which seems hypocritical as I write a blog about my life. But sharing my world with people online is much easier than in person and I think it's actually slowly helping me to be more open and less shy in the real world. 

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