October 2018~The Inktober challenge

October 2018~The Inktober challenge

The Inktober challenge:

     Inktober was started by the artist/illustrator Jake Parker in 2009. It is a challenge to draw with any kind of ink each day of the month for October. If you don’t know what to draw everyday Jake provides a prompt list, or list of ideas to get you started. So why would anyone want to do this challenge? Some of the reasons are that it builds discipline and dedication, it helps you to understand or grow your style, works out that creative muscle and to build drawing skills. It also is a great excuse to finally making that time for your art that you always put off.

     I’m extremely excited to say that I finished the challenge this year! Although it’s not really about how my days you complete, it’s what you learn and gain from the experience. I got to understand the small things that motivate me to get down to work and understand my artistic process. I’m saw my style grow into something that suits children’s fantasy books and I’m very excited to further explore that. So to celebrate my accomplishment I’m going to try and make a little zine, a book that’s a collection of my drawings to have as a physical reminder of everything I’ve learned from that experience!

~To see my sketches and final pieces check out the monthly vlog below!

     Cross Process release party:

     This was a fun event and it was great to meet a lot of the other contributors and editors of the magazine. But honestly, I was pretty shy at first. It felt like everyone else knew each other already and I didn’t know how to break the ice. Luckily Ryan was with me and is really good at networking so we introduced ourselves to some people and had a great time talking about the magazine & living as an artist. I’m so proud of this magazine and I can’t wait for the 3rd issue to be released!

     Edition Toronto:

     I really wanted to go to Art Toronto this year but worked everyday that weekend and wasn’t sure how much the tickets would cost. But during this major even they also have Edition Toronto happening at the same time and it’s which is free to go to! So I went straight after work one day just under an hour before closing and gushed at all the beautiful art books till my face grew red!

     I saw the artist Neslee there and got one of her stickers. She is so talented, but also so humble and down to earth! I also purchased an art book from the edition Toronto table called flowers. It was a collaboration of paintings and writings by Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber and it is truly so lovely. Sadly, I couldn’t spend all my money there and it would take me forever to talk about everything else I saw and learned about there. Maybe I should do blog post just on individual events?

     About those daily doodles:

     I won’t be continuing the daily doodles. I will still try to doodle whenever I can but I feel like I put too much pressure of myself to do so many things at once. This will just be One less thing that I don’t have to worry about. Maybe in the future when I feel more settled and have a good daily routine I will start it again.

     My grandpa:

     At the end of this month on Sunday October 28th my grandpa passed away. I didn’t know how to share this personal news in my vlog and that is why the blog is late. He has always been an inspiration for me as he is one of the hardest working people I know. He always had projects on the go, like gardening, wood working, piano, golf etc. He lived to be 100 years old and is now resting in peace. He was similar to my other grandpa who passed away in 2016 as they both loved being around family and always wanted the best for their grandchildren. I am still very upset that he is no longer with us, but I am so grateful to have him be apart of my life.


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